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The Portraits

of the representatives of Yang-style-taijiquan from it's creator Yang Luchan to the lineholder in 6th generation Ding Teah Chean ("John Ding").

By Matthias Wagner 2009
Original: Pencil on hand made paper, 70 x 50 cm each.

High-quality Prints
by the artist on glossy paper
180g/qm DIN A3,

Per item:
€ 30,-,
All the six of them:
€ 160,-
€ 25,80 shipping.
Hand made! Delivery time up to 2 weeks.

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These and many other pictures, drawings and paintings on

Poster 42.0 x 29,7 cm print
Yang Lu Chan (1799 - 1872)
Yang Jian Hou (1839 - 1917)
Ding Teah Chean "John Ding" (*1951)
Ip Tai Tak (1929 - 2004)
Yang Shou Zhong (1910 - 1985)
General terms and contitions (German)
Yang Cheng Fu (1883 - 1936)
His book: Form und Anwendung des Taijiquan (German)
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