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Today Taiji Qigong Shibashi is one of the most renowned and popular forms of Qigong.
Lin Housheng (*16.09.1939), professor at the institue of sports in Shanghai, published his first article about "The preliminary test results on Material Basis of Qigong Therapy Method" in 1978. He mostly engaged himself in the commensurable physical effect of transmission of Qi, for example in anethesia. 1979 he could present his results to a commission of the government and a council of over 300 scientists.

In the same year he presented his method of 18 movements (chin. 十八式, Pinyin: Shíbāshì). One year later he published the first book on Qigong after the cultural revolution "Qigong makes man healthy (气功使人健康)" at the Guangdong publishing house..

It was also in 1980 that he effectuated the first Qigong anethesia during a thyroid gland operation. From 1989 on Prof. Lin travelled around the world to present his Qigong. Today he primarily works on the development of medical devices to replace the application of exterior Qi in treatment

In 2015 he founded the TAIJI QIGONG ASSOCIATION GERMANY with Claudia-Maria Winkler et Matthias Wagner and entrusted them to represent Shibashi throughout Europe.

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